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The best thing about homestay was the chance to discover that living abroad is always fun when learning the culture (idioms, dancing, food, dialects) – it’s a free subject that you won’t find in your books!

Diana Simancas, Colombia

Living with a local family is the perfect way for you to improve your English and get to know the Scottish way of life.

You can choose a variety of options, to suit different students' needs and budgets:

  • Half Board (breakfast & evening meal): For the full, immersive homestay experience, we recommend the Half-board option. Your host will provide breakfast & an evening meal every day, so you can eat together and practise your English. 
  • Bed & Breakfast (breakfast only): With the bed and breakfast option, your host will provide breakfast only. In the evenings you can use the host's kitchen to prepare your own meals. A great option if you would like more independance.
  • Self-catering (no meals but you can use host's kitchen to prepare your own): With the homestay self-catering option, you can stay with a local host, practise English and spend time together. But you have the freedom to prepare your own meals in the host's kitchen. 

We personally select all our local families to make sure that you feel safe, welcome and happy in Aberdeen.

All families are different. A host family is not always a Mum, Dad and 2 kids! Our hosts come from all walks of life: some have children, some are couples and some are single people. Our hosts' ages range from 26 - 75.  We always try to match the family to your needs.


Accommodation Type Self Catering – Shared bathroom Self Catering – own bathroom* Bed & Breakfast – shared bathroom Bed & Breakfast – own bathroom* Half Board – shared bathroom Half Board – own bathroom*
Weekly Rate £115 £135 £125 £145 £160 £180

All options – £40 non-refundable accommodation finding fee applies.

  • Must be booked 2 weeks in advance (Sunday arrival – Saturday departure)
  • Your stay must match the duration of your studies with us

*Limited availability

Please note: If you are aged 16-17 and would like to book accommodation, you will be required to stay in Homestay Half Board accommodation. Other homestay options and student residence are not available for 16-17 year olds. 

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