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Angolan students share their IH Aberdeen experience

Posted by IH Aberdeen on 14th July 2015
Angolan students share their IH Aberdeen experience

After 9 months at IH Aberdeen, we say a fond farewell to our students from Angola! 

You've all worked so hard and made amazing progress. You've risen from Pre-Intermediate level to achieve great IELTS scores you need to enter university. Well done everyone!

In September, Jessica, Lino, Louisiana and Mirianete will start at University of Aberdeen and Braulio and Joaquim at ICRGU. You'll still be in Aberdeen - you're welcome to drop in to see us at any time. 

After so long at IH Aberdeen, who better to share their advice and memories of IH Aberdeen than these guys? Let's hear about our Angolan students' experience:

Joaquim, what’s your best memory of your time at IH Aberdeen?

I have many fantastic memories. It’s difficult to select the best one. The way each teacher treated me as their family was really remarkable. I remember when I did my IELTS and I was successful, my teachers were there to help me. In general, it was remarkable because of my teachers and lovely school.

What will you miss most about Aberdeen?

Care is the one thing that I will miss the most at IH Aberdeen and also my teachers. Honestly, IH Aberdeen is a family. They will not only teach how to speak English but also help you to familiarise and travel around Scotland.

Mirianete, What’s your best memory of your time at IH Aberdeen?

My best memory was on my birthday in which my friends prepared a special surprise party for me. I wasn’t expecting such a fantastic surprise so I would say that it was the most meaningful moment I had here.

What places should students visit when they are in Aberdeen?

Scotland is a cosmopolitan country. One big advantage of studying here is you can meet people from different places and share experiences that help you grow as a person. Also if you’re planning to learn English there’s nothing better than being in an English-speaking country. People here are friendly and helpful. That helps you find your feet!

Lino, What’s your best memory of your time at IH Aberdeen?

My best memory is the people I met, the friends I made and the time I spent with them. I learned a lot in just 10 months and I had a really great time. Everyone I met is special to me in their own way! I learned it's important to be friendly, get involved with people, ask for help if you need it. Most importantly, be yourself, be flexible with other people’s cultural beliefs, because at the end of the day you will improve your English but the friends you make you will have forever! 

What are you top tips for students in Aberdeen?

The UK in General is a very green and beautiful place. Aberdeen is no exception! My top tips:

  • There are some amazing castles – I don’t want to name them because I don’t want to ruin the surprise;
  • If you like social interaction, take some time and walk around. You’ll find people playing football and basketball and you can always ask to play and people are always nice;
  • Visit the pubs inside old churches!
  • The first thing to do is make new friends – that’s when the fun starts!

Braulio, What’s your best memory of your time at IH Aberdeen?

My best memory at IH Aberdeen is my classmates and the experiences we had together. It was a  privilege to get to know people from different cultures and associate with them all. I also enjoyed seeing myself progress from the bottom to a high level of English.

Who have you met at IH Aberdeen that you will never forget?

I’ve met a lot of good people at IH Aberdeen but I won’t forget the staff, particularly my two dear teachers Will & Angela because they have have followed my progress fully since I have been here.  

Good luck everybody at University! We'll miss you! Keep in touch - we love to hear from all our former students smile Get in touch any time on info@ihaberdeen.com