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Studying English for Oil & Gas at IH Aberdeen… what’s it like?

Posted by IH Aberdeen on 6th May 2015
Studying English for Oil & Gas at IH Aberdeen… what’s it like?

What's it like to study English for Oil & Gas at IH Aberdeen? Who better to tell us than one of our students, Natalia Tumanova from Stavropol in Russia! Let's hear what she has to say about her Combination Course...

So Natalia, tell us more about yourself...

I work at the university in Stavropol, Russia. now I’m doing my PhD in Petroleum Geology but I also work with international students. I help them to live in a new country and conduct lab work and seminars with them in English. I love my job - lots of variety!

Why did you decide to study English for Oil & Gas? 

My job is so connected to English. I speak English every day with international students and connect with other universities around the world.

And in my PhD study, it’s important to know English. I need to read scientific work in English. So much research is done in the UK and USA and none of this is translated into my language.

And why did you choose Aberdeen?

Aberdeen is the energy capital of Europe. It’s famous for its oil & gas industry. That was the main reason. And, when found the course which combines General English and Oil & Gas, I had no hesitation!

What is the best thing about the course?

I love the flexibility.  In my Oil & Gas course I can choose the parts I want to study. There are so many different fields in Petroleum Geology and Engineering, so it was great that I can choose what I want to focus on.

What kinds of things do you cover in the course?

So much! In my General English, I have learned new words and practised speaking. I speak English in my job every day with international students so it is so useful to me to hear so many accents, native speakers and other nationalities.

In the Oil & Gas course we have studied different things about geology, exploration and seismic surveying, both the practical side of and also the linguistic aspect too. It has been so useful!

How do you think the course will help you in your future?

A lot – the most important thing was the vocabulary. I know these expressions in Russian but I don’t know them in English and now I can understand much better when reading special articles for my academic study.

What do you love about IH Aberdeen?

I love the staff. Everyone is so helpful. I love that you can go any time, ask anyone, ask any question. Every problem or question, you will be heard and helped.

Lots of students don't consider studying somewhere different. What do you think are the benefits of studying in Aberdeen?

Studying somewhere different broadens your mind. I didn’t know anything about Scotland and now I feel bad about this! I always thought the UK was all the same. But now I know Scotland is different. And so interesting – you have special expressions, culture, and clothes – I had never seen men wearing kilts before. Plus Scotland is so beautiful and has a great history.

Aberdeen is a great city to be a student. Compared to studying in London, it’s smaller. I have so much free time. There is still so much to do – movies, parks, museums – but you still have time to focus on study and not be pushed and shoved in crowds.

What are some of your favourite things in Aberdeen?

I love the architecture. I’m a geologist, so the granite is fascinating for me! I love that there are no traffic jams. The city’s not so big, I can walk everywhere. And the beach - the view is beautiful. I’d only seen the sea once before in my life!

What's your advice for a student planning to study in Aberdeen?

Don’t be scared of what you don’t know! For me Aberdeen was unknown before I came. It’s great to try something new. Everyone has been to Oxford or London but if you have been to Aberdeen it’s something different, a unique experience. It expands your horizons.

What will be your best memory of your time here?

I have so many. One big memory will be walking on the streets, seeing all the great buildings, hearing English all around me.  You can hear all kinds of accents, with English everywhere. It’s been an amazing experience!

A big thanks to Natalia for coming to study with us. We are glad you enjoyed it!

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