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Trinity GESE

You can take the Trinity GESE at IH Aberdeen. 

What is the Trinity GESE Exam?

The Trinity ESOL Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) is a widely recognised test of speaking and listening in English.  

GESE exams are designed to complement General English language courses, and focus on building confidence and motivation in English language communication. 

What level do I need to take Trinity GESE?

Students of any level can take the GESE exam.

The exam is offered at 12 different grades, which are grouped into four stages of language level. The 4 levels are called Initial, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Whatever your level is, you can take an exam and receive a certificate showing your level of spoken English.

GESE Grade CEFR Level
Initial Grade 1 Pre-A1
Grade 2 A1
Grade 3 A2.1
Elementary Grade 4 A2.2
Grade 5 B1.1
Grade 6 B1.2
Intermediate Grade 7 B2.1
Grade 8 B2.2
Grade 9 B2.3
Advanced Grade 10 C1.1
Grade 11 C1.2
Grade 12 C2

What is the exam format?

At all levels, the GESE exam takes the format of a conversation with the examiner. You can choose and prepare the topic for the exam, so you can choose a topic which you enjoy speaking about.

The length and complexity of the exam depends on which level you take:


A 5 - 7 minute speaking exam. You will have a conversation a topic of your choice, which you have prepared yourself.


A 10 minute speaking exam. You will have a conversation on a topic of your choice. Then the examiner will discuss 2 topics with you, appropriate to the level


A 15 minute exam involving speaking and listeningYou will have a conversation on a topic of your choice. Then the examiner will discuss 2 topics with you, appropriate to the level. There is also an interactive task, where the examiner will expect you to comment and ask questions on a new topic.


A 25 minute exam involving speaking and listening. There are 5 parts to the exam: a presentation prepared on a topic of your choice; a discussion of the presentation; an interactive task, responding to a task you have not seen before; a listening task, listening to 3 short passages and responding with comments or questions; and a conversation on 2 topics appropriate to the level.

Preparation Course

IH Aberdeen's General English course, 15 hours per week, can help you improve you overall level of English, which will be helpful for the Trinity GESE Exam preparation. General English includes tasks designed to help you develop your speaking skills and there are regular speaking tests to monitor your progress.

For more information on the course, click here

IH Aberdeen can also arrange closed group courses for Trinity GESE on demand. Please enquire if you would like to arrange this.

Exam dates

IH Aberdeen can run the Trinity GESE exam on demand. Please contact us, to register interest or to find out the next available date. 

More Info

For more information on Trinity GESE, please click here: www.trinitycollege.com

For more information & to book the exam please contact us by email: info@ihaberdeen.com. You can also call us for more details on +44 (0)1224 634006


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