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"I love the staff at IHA. Everyone is so helpful. I love that you can go any time, ask anyone, ask any question. Every problem or question, you will be heard and helped."

Natalia Tumanova, Russia

Our Team

Our friendly team will do their best to give you a warm welcome!

Established in September 2006, International House Aberdeen has nearly 10 years' experience teaching English as a foreign language to students from all over the world.

IH Aberdeen's team of teachers are all qualified to teach English as a foreign language, with experience in teaching a wide range of nationalities and levels.

We offer full-time English courses (15 – 25 hours per week), as well as offering a wide variety of part-time options too.

We also offer bespoke 1-1 and Combination Courses for English for Business, English for Oil & Gas and bespoke English courses to the corporate market.

  • June Johnstone

    June Johnstone
    MA, Dip Tesol
    School Director (with academic oversight)

  • Anna Orus

    Anna Orus
    GLCM, Dip Tesol
    Assistant Director of Studies

  • Emma Cresswell

    Emma Cresswell
    BA (Hons), DELTA
    Assistant Director of Studies & CELTA Coordinator

  • Janette Brown

    Janette Brown
    Finance Director

  • Christina Sutherland

    Christina Sutherland
    Office Manager

  • Lewis Johnstone

    Lewis Johnstone
    Accommodation & Finance Officer, IT Support

  • Grainne Casey

    Grainne Casey
    MA (Hons), DELTA M1
    Business Development Manager

  • Angela Cameron

    Angela Cameron
    BA, Dip Tesol
    Senior Teacher & IELTS Co-ordinator

  • Liz Brown

    Liz Brown
    MA, Dip Tesol
    Senior Teacher & Welfare Officer

  • Ann McClure

    Ann McClure
    BA, Dip Tesol
    Senior Teacher

  • Nicola Foster

    Nicola Foster
    BA (Hons), CELTA

  • Alycia Messing

    Alycia Messing
    BS, Adv Dip, CELTA

  • Kim Burn

    Kim Burn
    MA (Hons), CELTA

  • Hannah Galicia

    Hannah Galicia
    BSc (Hons)
    Admin Assistant

  • Lucia Roman Canivell

    Lucia Roman Canivell
    MA (Hons)
    Admin Assistant

  • Justyna Masiuk

    Justyna Masiuk
    3rd year BSc(Hons)
    Admin Assistant

  • Rajesh Hukam

    Rajesh Hukam

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