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Corporate English Training

Corporate English Training

"I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone at IH Aberdeen, who was involved in tailoring and planning this One-to-One English course for me, and who carried out the teaching over two and a half months. The course was well designed and very useful and the teachers here are very patient and highly experienced, helping me to identify the problems I had, especially for pronunciation. The improvement I achieved through this course is great and the encouragement I received would benefit my English study forever. You are truly an excellent "Service Company" for the oil industry in Aberdeen!"

Dr. Canghu Yang, Chief Exploitation Engineer, CNR International (UK) Limited (Executive programme - One-to-One)

Aberdeen is a vibrant business city and as such local companies are attracting an increasingly international workforce.

IH Aberdeen has a lot of experience in creating bespoke English training solutions to local companies from many sectors.

We have the expertise to help - whether it’s providing tailor-made one-to-one private lessons for senior executives, specially-designed group lessons for overseas trainees, or even English conversation classes for spouses and families. 

Whatever your industry, or however specific the subject area is, we can provide cost effective and flexible solutions for you.

We can provide classes either at our city centre premises, or off-site at your premises, with hours to fit your busy work schedule.

To find out more about how we could help your company and your employees, please call us on 01224 634006 or email us on info@ihaberdeen.com


What our clients say...

"I have found the experience with IH Aberdeen very efficient. My original enquiry was answered quickly and staff have been very accommodating. The lessons are tailored to suit the individual’s needs which means that students can make the most of their time with the tutor."

Kristina Miller, ffA Geosciences

"IH Aberdeen provide high level language courses. I had 12 lessons and I found that each met special objectives such as communication and presentation skills, grammar etc. The teachers are qualified, friendly, well organized and flexible in methods of teaching. Up-to-date teaching materials were used."

Vitalij Cibulskij, Student, ffA Geosciences (One-to-one bespoke programme)

"I’m really happy with the service provided by IH Aberdeen. The staff enjoyed the programmes and found them beneficial. I have noticed that their confidence in using English has increased."

Roula Samaha, General Manager, Malmaison Aberdeen

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