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What Our Students Say

We can tell you International House Aberdeen is a great place to learn English, but only our students can tell you as it really is:

  • Hector Martin, Spain

    Hector Martin, Spain

    I was a student at IH Aberdeen for 4 months. I did the advanced course and the CAE preparation as well.

    I want to thank you and all your team. When I arrived here, I had two objectives: learning and certificates. Precisely today I have received my mark in the CAE exam that I took on 8th June, and I have passed it (197 in the Cambridge Scale)! Therefore, both objectives have been met.

    I would like to congratulate you not only for the performance of your whole team but for the atmosphere that you have in the school and for the honesty of all the members of the school. As a Spanish I appreciate a lot honesty!

  • Gabriele La Barbera, Italy

    Gabriele La Barbera, Italy

    The organisation of IH Aberdeen is great. I loved the games in the classroom (lots of fun!), the nice classmates, and staff availability. The social activities are a great way to improve your English. Most of all, my teachers were wonderful. On my birthday, my teacher presented me with a gift - a wonderful cake! I was very impressed!

  • Gisele Trigueiro, Brazil

    Gisele Trigueiro, Brazil

    IH Aberdeen has all the things to make a good study experience. The teachers and the language course are wonderful and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the city. The teaching material is very good and teachers closely monitor then class, so that you can learn English quickly and with motivation. The school’s location is on the main street of the city, in a location easily accessible and very safe.

    The best memories I have are the games and competitions in the classroom and the friends I made of other nationalities. You learn English in a fun way and have contact with people from around the world, which only enriches you culturally. This is fantastic!

  • Antoine Levrel-Loury, France

    Antoine Levrel-Loury, France

    Thanks for all! I have really enjoyed the classroom with nice students and good teachers ! I will keep a lot of memories and your courses will help me to achieve my goals. Thank you for everything!

  • Anna Westphal, Germany

    Anna Westphal, Germany

    At IH Aberdeen, the teachers are great. The social life is great too. The social programme really helps you find new friends. In my first week I knew nobody but every Wednesday you can meet other students and meet people who you can visit other places with. Next week I’ll be visiting Glasgow together with some other students.

    I love Aberdeen. When the sun is shining, I love the buildings and the colours. The public transport system is great so it’s easy to get around if you want to visit other places. You can visit a lot of places around Aberdeen. Aberdeen has lots of really nice places to visit near the city.

    I would like to come back again! It’s a really good school and I know I can learn here! Also there are places I still want to visit like Isle of Skye. See you again next year!

  • Lino Bumba, Angola

    Lino Bumba, Angola

    I am having a really good time in Scotland mainly because of the school. There are a lot of people here and I am always learning. I think it has overtaken my expectations.

    People are nice in Aberdeen. If you need help can always ask them, and if you want something it is good to ask. It’s a different culture and I am meeting different people. People are always open to you.

    I would definitely advise friends if they got the opportunity, to come here and get to to know people. I am learning a lot by speaking with them and it’s a great experience. It’s academic and also the feeling of being with people, always laughing and always learning is great.

  • Máté Huszár‎, Hungary

    Máté Huszár‎, Hungary

    I would like to say a huge thank you to International House Aberdeen! I loved every second of my classes. You are excellent teachers. The school and the teaching methods are flawless.
    I am looking forward to meeting you again during summer!

  • Alexandre Guerra, Brazil

    Alexandre Guerra, Brazil

    What do I have to say about Aberdeen? It feels like home! Aye, this is Northeastern Scotland, pal!  You can’t really complain about the weather. It’s part of the package. Whenever you go for a walk through Union Street, get to see all that beautiful silver scenery mixed with the orange colours, orange variations that glow from the bottom of the street up, when the Sun is settling down, you just forget it. It’s not like anywhere else in the world!

  • Marianna Chacon, Colombia & Grace Lillo, Chile

    Marianna Chacon, Colombia & Grace Lillo, Chile

    Marianna: Studying at IH Aberdeen has been a great chance to get to know a new culture, visit amazing places and share experiences with people from all over the world. IH Aberdeen has not only helped improve my English but also make great new friends!

    Grace: Studying at IH Aberdeen is one of the best things I’ve done! The teachers are the best and I’ve had the chance to meet people from places that I never knew existed. I’ve made lots of new friends and my English has improved a lot.

  • Okan Yildiz, Turkey

    Okan Yildiz, Turkey

    The time I spent on this course, I have improved my speaking and reading. My teachers and classmates are so friendly and supportive. Because of the school’s social activities, my English and cultural knowledge has improved. I’m happy for every day I have spent in class and for every person I have met!

  • Hilda Bernal, Colombia

    Hilda Bernal, Colombia

    I went to Aberdeen to study English and I found wonderful people! They taught me their culture, customs, meals and dreams. Many of them today are good friends.

    We share the same dream to speak English, and we did it because we wanted to know each other. And we will keep it because we are still in touch!

    Scotland is home of the brave heart and special Aberdeen.  To all the people on the street, in their jobs and their houses they gave me help or a smile, I appreciate it very much.

    And for IH Aberdeen, my teachers and everybody who works there, a thousand thanks to helping me on this stage!

  • Takahiko Honda, Japan

    Takahiko Honda, Japan

    I cannot thank teachers and staff at IH Aberdeen enough. I studied English for 6 months and had a wonderful time.

    One of the greatest things about IH Aberdeen is the high level of teacher quality. They are not only amicable but also supportive of achieving your goals. Plus, a range of social programmes offers valuable experience and lifelong memories. Scotland is an interesting country because of its history and culture. I will never forget the time when I danced the Ceilidh with the local people and my schoolmates who were from all walks of life.

    No matter how old you are and where you come from, I am sure that spending time at IH Aberdeen will be beneficial to your lives.

  • Carolina Fernandez Quintanilla, Spain

    Carolina Fernandez Quintanilla, Spain

    My whole experience in Aberdeen has been delightful. The school is simply wonderful: the atmosphere is really friendly, the teachers are so dynamic and energetic, and the staff is very kind and helpful. I came to Aberdeen with the aim of improving my English and getting closer to the Scottish way of life. I’m really satisfied with the results!

    All in all, I highly recommend this place because I’ve had loads of fun here! smile                         

  • Agate Ruiz, Spain

    Agate Ruiz, Spain

    Aberdeen is a small city and the people are really friendly. They help you when you need.
    The residence is good and it is near the school and the centre.

    The teachers the staff and classes are great. Each teacher has a personality but everything matches. We do a lot of different activities but they are previously planned.
    We speak a lot but in an ordered way. The staff are really really nice - Thank You!

    My best memory will be the people I met, the tours and the pub night. It’s a wonderful idea to meet people and to know the teachers better.

    Thank you so much!!

  • Nora Keki, Hungary

    You are the most brilliant teachers I’ve ever met and I’ll never forget your kindness.

    Thank you for the relaxed and encouraging atmosphere of your classes. It is a great help for an unsure student who wants to improve his/her English.

    So, thanks again (and again) for all of your efforts and I dedicate half of my IELTS 7.5 to you.

    All the best!

  • Ali Al-Janabi, Saudi Arabia

    Ali Al-Janabi, Saudi Arabia

    I have been very glad to study at IH Aberdeen with very lovely teachers.

    Honestly, I have learnt many many useful new things during this period. I has been interesting to communicate with people from other cultures, exchanging cultures as well as gaining knowledge and experience. Even though I faced some difficulties in IELTS classes and exams, I passed! I appreciate everyone who taught me and I am going to miss you all. Now I will prepare myself for university.

    Tip for everyone: Don’t be frustrated when you don’t achieve you goals the first time… because failure is the beginning of success!

    Finally, I thank everyone in the school, also all students that I have met. I will be touch with you all.

  • Dauren Bekturganov, Kazakhstan

    Dauren Bekturganov, Kazakhstan

    I would like to thank all the team at IH Aberdeen for all the essential help in improving my English skills & for helping me pass the IELTS exam!

    The environment at the school is very friendly, all the staff is always there for any issue, and the learning program is very efficient. IH Aberdeen is a good place to meet new people and find new friends from all over the world. I am really happy that I have decided to enter this school.

    I wish all the best, prosperity and success!

  • Anton Kostarev, Russia

    Anton Kostarev, Russia

    Thanks to everybody for my wonderful time studying at IH Aberdeen. It has been such a nice place to study for many reasons. The school is not as big and crowded as many of the others I visited before. There are also many interesting trips around Scotland every week. I wasn’t disappointed!

    I chose Aberdeen because there are not many Russians in Aberdeen, compared to London, and I was completely immersed in British culture. I also wanted to enter Aberdeen university and the school really helped me improve my IELTS score. I achieved my goal!

    I can really recommend this school!

  • Luisa Galan, Colombia

    Luisa Galan, Colombia

    Aberdeen is a wonderful city to be, whatever you’re doing. It has something very special and I loved every detail of the city, the landscape, the peace and the people who live there. On my first day, I knew right away that the experience was going to be amazing and productive.

    I remember all of you with great joy and I really appreciate your kindness and all the good moments, the motivation and the support you gave me to achieve my goals and improve my English in those 5 months.

    I would like to let you know that thanks to your dynamic and enjoyable classes, I scored 7.5 in the IELTS exam.

    You’re the best school! And I’m sure all the students will totally agree on that.

    Take care !! tons of hugs !!

  • Mahdi Alsugoor, Saudi Arabia

    Mahdi Alsugoor, Saudi Arabia

    Really, I had such a fantastic time with great benefits of learning English. Cooperative, friendly and kindly director and teachers at International House Aberdeen.

    If I have another opportunity to visit Aberdeen, IH Aberdeen is my first choice.

  • Aidin Shahsavar, Iran

    Aidin Shahsavar, Iran

    Thank you to International House Aberdeen staff, who helped me to improve my English. Before this school, I studied English in other institutes but unfortunately they were not helpful. I came to Aberdeen to improve my English and I am happy because I made a right decision. After nearly 5 months attending classes I sat an IELTS exam and I got 6.5.

    Now I am doing my Masters in Heriot-Watt University. I am sure one day I will come back again to improve my English.

  • Yan Naing Oo, Burma

    Yan Naing Oo, Burma

    I would like to thank you for the improvements and the benefits I achieved during the past few months. Quite frankly, this is my first journey overseas and I was afraid of attending a course in a different country. But the kind and friendly teachers encouraged me and helped me improve my English from the very first moment. Personally, I’ve met some of the most wonderful teachers and had great moments in my life during the courses.

    On conclusion, for those students who want to learn or improve your English, I strongly recommend you to make sure you go to the right place like I did and enjoy the great moments in the learning process.

  • Li-Chuan, Taiwan

    Li-Chuan, Taiwan

    First of all, I would like to say there’s no English language school like IH Aberdeen because of the teachers here are very patient and highly experienced. When I have questions, instead of giving me the answers, the teachers always lead me to find them, which help me a lot.

    I’ve been studying in IH Aberdeen nearly one year. I am really enjoying the lessons here. Now I work part-time in a charity shop in Aberdeen, I can speak English with costumers. That is amazing!

    My goal is to speak English fluently; it has been my dream since I was still a child. With the help of the teachers, I believe my English will be improving and improving.

  • Anna Bruzco, Venezuela

    When I came to Aberdeen the key factor that made me decide to study at IH Aberdeen was the highly qualified and encouraging staff. Studying here has given me the opportunity to improve my English in a short period of time, as well as meet people from several countries in a friendly and pleasant environment.

    Going to another country to learn a new language was not always easy, but having the support of the gentle teachers and sociable students has made it easy and enjoyable.

  • Mehmet Satilmis, Turkey

    Mehmet Satilmis, Turkey

    My main reason for coming to the UK was to improve my English. I was impressed by the information I found on the IH Aberdeen website and asked a friend about the school.

    He confirmed that it was the first choice for people who came to learn English in Aberdeen. The staff are very friendly and patient and my English has improved a lot over the past 3 months – I’ve had a wonderful time here so far!

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